Before You Read! Bonus Tips: 5 Common Mistakes People Make When Planning a Relocation

“Relocating Your Business” has vital information for people in the process of moving their business or office, but there are things to consider before starting the move. Here are some bonus tips from the author, Clint Brinkley, that will teach you how to avoid five common mistakes when planning a move. Once you know what NOT to do, you’ll be ready for your free copy of “Relocating Your Business” and discover how to make your move less stressful and more cost-effective.

  1. Mistake #1:

    Most people underestimate how much time is needed in a full company, branch office, network, or phone system relocation. Moving the location of anything almost always takes more time than expected. Clint’s team at Relocating Your Business has counseled hundreds of clients through the relocation process, and the vast majority of them say that they didn’t think it was going to take so much of their company’s valuable time.

  2. Mistake #2:

    Another very common mistake is to not start the process early enough. The most successful moves are planned out well in advance and in great detail. An underplanned move can be much longer and costlier than anyone expected, but the good news is that professional help is available. Relocating Your Business frequently gets called in to assist companies that didn’t start their move early enough, and the team gets them back on track fast.

  3. Mistake #3:

    Not getting everything in writing and approved by senior leadership. This mistake gets made with all kinds of business processes, but it’s especially damaging for relocations. If the approval process is skipped and the leadership demands a change, the relocation process starts all over again, to the detriment of all involved. Getting your senior leadership signed off on key decisions and budgeting is critical, but it doesn’t stop there. Get your vendors to put everything in writing as well, with signatures all around to protect the process.

  4. Mistake #4:

    When a relocation is finally complete, many firms don’t take the time to effectively announce the move to their stakeholders. This isn’t so much a mistake as a missed opportunity for some great benefits. We almost always have to remind our clients that a relocation can be great PR, as it shows your business is growing and adapting. It can also be great fun! Build excitement by announcing the move to your stakeholders early and, when the hard work of the relocation is finished, be sure to take the time to celebrate the accomplishment and include them in the party!

  5. Mistake #5:

    Businesses that are new to the relocation process often don’t involve professionals from the beginning. The Author, Clint Brinkley, is the CEO of Relocating Your Business and our goal is to assist you with relocating your business effectively and efficiently. We have an exceptionally dedicated team of professionals that provide the best relocation services anywhere. We’d love to discuss how you can implement some of the ideas in “Relocating Your Business”. You’ll learn what to do when confronted with the unique issues of moving your office, IT network, or phone system.
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