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“Relocating Your Business” Internet Radio Interview

Nolen Davis interviews Clint Brinkley, author of “Relocating Your Business” and CEO of Relocating Your Business, in an “edu-taining” radio program that will introduce you to his new book. You’ll also hear some helpful strategies for relocating a business plus some interesting anecdotes about relocations that have gone very wrong so you know what to avoid.

“Relocating Your Business” Press Release

Houston, TX — After more than 15 years in the business services industry, Clint Brinkley's, CEO of Relocating Your Business, book reveals more than 50 innovative ideas to help companies streamline the process of moving. In his new book, he presents important strategies to reduce the costs and challenges associated with relocating a company. Relocating Your Business works with hundreds of companies to help them solve critical business problems. Mr. Brinkley and his associates have advised many clients through the entire relocation process.

Mr. Brinkley says, “In this economy, so many things are changing: businesses are choosing to downsize or upsize more often, and they are busier than ever so this causes internal chaos during the often complicated move process. This book has allowed me to share my experience and knowledge with others to help them during the high-stress time of the move.”

The book is organized into groups of relocation best practices to make it easier for readers to follow. To succeed today, companies must align themselves with the resources necessary to help them solve problems. This book will give them many ideas that they can implement immediately and see a high return on investment right away.

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